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Monday, 30 April 2012

April Blog (English)

Hello again!,

I've uploaded two more videos to my Youtube channel, based as usual on material I've been teaching during last month.

The first one is a video lesson of the main guitar solo of the song Peacemaker Die, by Extreme. The second one is also a video lesson of the song "Shiver" by Natalie Imbruglia.

In both of them you'll have the TAB and/or chords on screen, so you won't need to print anything. I've posted here the scores anyway, just in case you're interested in printing the lesson.

Peacemaker Die (Extreme). Solo de Guitarra.

I included the main Riff of this song in February's blog. I've been teaching this song to Victor, one of my online students who lives in London.

We are currently working on the Guitar Solo, so I finally did my own transcription of it for the lesson.

After finishing my transcription, I've seen two live performances of this song by Extreme, and I've realized that Nuno Bettencourt uses a different fingering.

That basically means the notes are the same, but he's playing them in a different string or fret. 

As you may know, some of the notes we have on the guitar are repeated, so they appear in several strings and frets. That's why we normally have options in terms of locating a note, lick or phrase.

In order to help you understand this, I've included here a diagram I made for a student, so you can see an example of how a particular note appears on the instrument.

Unison means it's the same note, but in a different place (they are conected by a discontinuous line on the diagram).
Octaves are marked with a straight line.

The first octave of the diagram on the left shows the C note in two positions. The one on the fifth string, fret five, has a lower sound, and the one on the second string, fret one, has a higher pitch sound.

We call them octaves because we count 8 if we move from one to another.

1   2   3  4  5   6  7  8
C   D  E  F   G  A  B  C

This video will help you to study this guitar solo, whatever is the fingering you choose to use, because I've included the original sound of the song at a very slow speed.

I will probably upload here the original fingering shortly anyway.

This particular solo will help you to improve your left hand legato technique.

Here's the TAB in case you want to print it out.

Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia). Rhythm Guitar.

I've been playing this song with my student Marco. He is one of my online students, and he requested to learn this song.

When I realized nobody was teaching how to play the rhythm guitar of this tune, I decided to upload this video to youtube, just in cas some other people would like to learn it.

This is the second time I use this video format with the chords on-creen. I hope you try to play along with it.

Chords aren't too complicated, but you'll probably find a few interesting chords there.
This is my version of the song, so I haven't tried to make and exact copy of the guitar played in the original version.

Whenever you see a chord like G/B or C/G, that's just a chord in which the lowest note isn't the tonic or the root. For example, G/B is a G chord with a B note as the lowest note.

G/B = G Chord / B note (lowest sound)

If you ever find a chord like this, and you don't know hos figure it out, just play the chord as a substitution. So you can play G instead of G/B.

Sometimes this low note is just played by the bass. I've included those bass lines in my transcription and that's why we have some of this chords. I thought it would be interesting to include them to synthesize the harmony.

Here's the sheet I prepared for my student:

See you next time!


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