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Sunday, 16 October 2011

October Blog (English)

Hello Everybody!

I've just created this blog to share some of the stuff I've been teaching recently. I hope you find it interesting. 


POP - "Big Jet Plane" (Angus & Julia Stone). 


Miguel, one of my students, requested this song. I've scanned the notes I made for him. If you like melodic Pop, and you're learning your first chords, you'll probably enjoy it.


This is an easy arrangement I wrote for another student, Fracisco. The goal was to play the melody and the chords together. 

This is my portable recording device.

Here is also my version of this piece. I recorded it with my new portable recording devide BOSS BR-80.
It has a very handy built-in mic. 



BLUES-ROCK - "The Great Divide" (Black Country Communion).

This is Joe Bonamassa's Guitar Solo. My student Victor is a big fan of him (and me too!).


And this is my transcription of it:


TECHNIQUE AND THEORY - Scales for improvisation in the key of G Minor.

These are the Scale positions needed to play 'The Great Divide' Guitar Solo.

The top line is the first string (the thinnest), and the numbers represent the finger number on your fretting hand.

The root of the scale, G, appears circled.

Don't hesitate to share this blog if you know some other guitar enthusiast.

I'll publish another blog next month with some of the material I'm teaching in October.

Please send me an email if you got any question or comment.

Thank you!



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